Best Stainless Steel Steak Knives

Best Stainless Steel Steak Knives

The perfect steak dinner should not be ruined by an uncooperative steak knife. Sure, slicing and dicing may be relaxing and it may add up to the excitement of putting that soft, juicy, reddish meat into your mouth. But when it takes you more than a few gentle strokes to create some meat separation, then your dining room is not steak dinner cutlery ready.

Best Stainless Steel Steak Knives

The ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 39130-850 Zwilling Accessories Steak Knife Set, 2.3, Stainless Steel is hands-down one of the best stainless steel steak knives available today.

Zwilling is one of the biggest producers of kitchen knives, scissors, cookware, and flatware in the world. Founded in the summer of 1731 by Peter Henckels in Solingen, Germany, they are also regarded as one of the knife manufacturing pioneers known to produce high-quality and sturdy kitchenware. Johann Abraham Henckels, noted as one of its brainchildren, renamed the brand after himself when he took over the company.

It was J. A. who started the company’s first trading outlet in Berlin around 1818. It was followed then by shops in New York City in the US and later on in Vienna, Italy. This award-hoarding knife has been recognized in multiple cities for creating a line of the best stainless steel steak knives at that time.

Why Use Stainless Steel Steak Knives?

The claim to fame of who discovered stainless steel is shared by Britain, Germany, France, Poland, the U.S.A., and Sweden. The most common though is the one from Harry Brearley of Sheffield, England, which was the center of cutlery since the 16th century. Studies show that when steel is fortified with enough chromium, it protects the steel from rust.

Chromium draws oxygen molecules to create a shield over the steel’s surface. This protective layer guards itself against scratches, cuts, or dents and can resist acids that cause stains and corrosion.

Characteristics Of Quality Stainless Steel Steak Knives

Bring home that steakhouse -feel to your home by adding premium steak knives to your silverware collection. Speed up that mouth-watering bite’s journey from the plate to your mouth as we tackle the essential attributes of stainless steel steak knives.

1. A Good Steak Knife Should Have Balance

Balance is not the typical criteria that people look for when choosing a steak knife; the sharpness of the blade is. Though the ease of cutting through meat is important, the knife’s balance should never be overlooked.

This makes purchasing your knives online a bit tricky since there is no way that you can test a knife’s evenness by just looking at them through a screen. Because knives come in different varieties, we leave it to the manufacturers to provide the proper balance depending on the knife’s design. Here are a few hints of a balanced knife when viewing it online:

– The handle must be proportional to the blade. One should not be looking heavier than the other.

– The blade must be perfectly aligned when viewed from the handle.

– The knife must be inviting to pick up and seem comfortable to hold.

2. It’s All About The Blade

Aside from a whiff of muscle strength when slicing, the blade does the most damage when cutting through a nice juicy steak. There is no right or wrong for which type of blade cuts better but is more of a preference. Here are a few suggestions:

Serrated Edge Steak Knives

– Commonly used for roasts and bread.

– Stays sharp longer than other blade types due to the exposed edges.

– Shows a tear instead of a straight cut on the meat.

Straight Edge Steak Knives

– Provides a smooth clean cut.

– Easier to sharpen than a serrated-edged knife.

Hollow Edge

– It has measured spaces along the blade which allow finer slices and prevent food from sticking to it.

3. Sharp and Fit

When choosing the best stainless steel steak knife, you must carefully examine if all its components are put together with tight tolerances, meaning there shouldn’t be any space between the handle and the blade.

This “fitness” helps keep the knife’s strength and rigor. A good fit also means that fluids, moisture, and contaminants are unable to penetrate through gaps that may shorten your dinnerware’s life cycle.

The ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 39130-850 Accessories Steak Knife Set, 2.3, Stainless Steel

From the moment you flip that protective wooden box, you know that you just got a hold of the best stainless steel steak knife set. Made from carbon stainless steel with a serrated edge, these knives can cut through any meat on your plate effortlessly. Its forged blades are a hint that these knives are both durable and strong.

Here are a few of its features:

Top chef steak knives

– High carbon stainless steel blades provide a clean specified cut.

– Its 4-inch serrated blade can slice through meat with razor-sharp precision.

– The tapered design running from the blade to the handle allows for a comfortable ergonomic grip.

– The box contains 8 stainless steel steak knives, which means there’s one for every member of the family or for a party of 8.

The gorgeous-looking box that it goes with makes it a perfect gift choice for young couples filling up with dinnerware or for the cutlery enthusiasts who still lack a set of high-quality stainless steel steak knives. Just strap a ribbon around it and you have the most exquisite kitchen utensil gift for any occasion.

The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set with Presentation Case is excellent for a chic steak dinner of tenderloins or pack it with you for a rugged and adventurous grilled lamb chops lunch in the great outdoors. Since the wooden case makes for optimum protection and transportability, these knives can be an essential part of any meal altogether.

Stainless steel has been proven to be more durable and long-lasting than any of its predecessors. We often use knives to cut our food into portions and any discoloration or blemish may affect the quality of the meat. This knife set from ZWILLING no question is one of the best stainless steel steak knives ever and J. A. Henckels puts his name and the value of steaks at stake.

What makes a good cook steak knife?

What makes a good cook steak knife?

Cooking is not a pleasant experience for everyone, but whether it is among your passions or not, you agree with us when we say that any kitchen must be equipped with at least one quality knife. This very versatile tool is perhaps the most used in the kitchen. This is also the reason why, when looking for a steak knife, people think of strength, comfort and durability. If you are looking for the most suitable one, find out in this article how you can choose good cook steak knives!

What kind of features should you look for?

Blade type

You will find several variants, but the most popular and the ones that are always compared are the German and the Japanese blade (Santoku). Here are the differences between them, but also the advantages and disadvantages:

Japanese Steak knives
  • Steak knife with German blade

German blade knives usually have a symmetrical profile, which makes them suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. The angle of the edge is between 15o and 20o. The steel used to make them is softer and, in most cases, stainless. This requires less maintenance. This type of knife also has a lower risk of chipping. They have a western-style, wooden or wooden-looking handle.

  • Steak knife with Japanese blade

Such a knife is usually lighter and has a thinner blade than the German one. This makes it very easy to handle and suitable for fine slicing. Also, because it has a thinner blade, it tends to be even sharper. However, it is not ideal for some kitchen tasks, such as portioning a chicken, as it lacks a harder portion that is perfect for these operations. Also, the edge tends to have a straighter profile, less curved, which makes it not cut so clean sometimes. Steel is also harder and sharper. This is often carbon steel, which will require more maintenance. The material can also chip more easily. Many models are equipped with alveoli on the surface of the blade to keep the blade clean when working with sticky food.

Blade material

The most important part of the steak knife is the blade.

Therefore, the material from which it is made is very important. There are serrated steak knives and straight edge steak knives to choose from as well. Here are your options:

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel steak knives are corrosion resistant. These knives are very good options for a conventional user. It is tough, durable and easy to sharpen. The disadvantage is that it does not have a phenomenal edge, which could be a big impediment for a professional. If you want such a knife though, you can look for Japanese models that are much sharper than the European ones. Most knives with this blade are good cook steak knives!

  • Carbon steel 

High-quality steak knives are made of carbon steel. This type of steel is harder and more durable, but less durable. With these, you are more likely to face rust and stains, especially if you are not prompt in cleaning and drying them after each use. The advantage of these knives is that they can be sharpened harder. However, if not used properly, it may chip. Therefore, it is recommended only for professional chefs. Appearance is another appreciated detail in this material. Over time, he develops a special patina that is very popular in the world of chefs. However, the material is harder to sharpen.

  • Laminated steel 

This is a combination of the two materials presented above. They are arranged in the shape of a sandwich. This results in a steak knife that has a very sharp edge, but is more durable than carbon steel knives and requires less rigorous maintenance.

  • Ceramics 

Although not as popular as steel ones, ceramic knives are increasingly present on the market. They are very sharp, being also lighter than the metal variants. They keep their sharpness for long periods, but when it is blunt, they are harder to sharpen, requiring a professional. They are even more brittle than the metal variants.

Gold Steak Knives

The handle of the steak knife

It is important both the material from which the handle is made and the comfort it offers you. These aspects are closely related anyway because the comfort of the handle largely depends on the material from which it is made. Of course, shape and weight also matter. However, the choice is subjective, because we do not all have hands of the same size, so a thicker handle could be uncomfortable for a person with a smaller palm and vice versa. Here are the materials you will find:

  • Wood

Wooden handles are very aesthetic, but they are not as practical as those made of composite material. Wood is a porous material and if exposed to water and not properly dried, it can peel or crack. The wood could also store bacteria that would then come in contact with the food. Some alternatives retain a similar aesthetic, but are more resistant to both wear and bacteria: plastic, silicone (very adherent), other synthetic materials.

  • Metal

Metal handles offer the same practical benefits as plastic or other composite materials. Although they look nice, they can become slippery when used with wet hands. Especially when working with meat, which is wet, you may find it uncomfortable to use this type of handle. However, models that are equipped with rubber or silicone areas, offer more grip and you could find them suitable for you.


The balance goes hand in hand with the weight of the knife. And they play an important role in determining the level of comfort that the knife offers you. If the weight falls more on one side of the knife than on the other, then grinding the food will be more difficult for you.

Things to do while stuck at home!

Things to do while stuck at home!

Self-quarantine is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are an at-risk individual for being exposed to COVID-19, or even just to protech those who are vulnerable around you. However, you, along with the rest of the nation may be a bit tired of it right now. Maybe we need a perspective check on being at home and what we can do with our day. I mean, it wasn’t so long ago we just dreamed about being able to stay home from work to do things like sharpen our wooden steak knives, right?

Don’t let yourself be down

Don’t let the down mood set in on you at this time. It wouldn’t be unusual for it to creep in when being house-bound for so long. Watching too much television and spending too much time working on computers have both been associated feel lazy and down. 

Develop a Routine

Instead, develop a routine. Consider doing certain chores on specific days of the week. Fit time in your schedule two to three times a week to participate in some YouTube exercise or yoga classes. No internet? Walk around the block. Strive for 30 minutes of exercise a day. Keep the routine of the day intact; don’t sacrifice the day for any one part. Play your favorite music throughout the day if it helps keep your mood upbeat.


Take time out to clean up your work space, be it an office or a work shop. Use a simple 1% bleach solution to 99% water as a disinfectant. Also wipe down some great germ collecting sources such as: door knobs, toilet and sink handles, telephones and cell phones, car keys and the steering wheel in your car. The disinfectant is also great for clothes, linens, and washing down the kitchen cabinets, etc.


Wooden Steak Knives

Be sure to wash those vegetables before you chop them up with your knives. Try making your own vegetable wash with one cup vinegar, four cups water, and one tablespoon lemon juice. Mix ingredients together. Fill sprayer bottle with mix and use when needed. The vinegar in the mix kills bacteria and viruses as it is 5% acetic.

And don’t forget there’s the refrigerator that can be cleaned. A vinegar or bleach solution works fine to clean the refrigerator. While in the kitchen there’s also sharpening your steak knives! (and maybe make some steaks after for a job well done and to… test… the knives out!)


Save some time for special projects, like cleaning out those closets and donating those clothes to a worthy source if you haven’t worn it in over a year.


Best Steak Knives

If you have to get out, do it when contact with others will be at a minimum, early in the morning or late in the evening. When you are out, make your excursion count. Buy as much as you can to allow you to stay home longer. Remember to keep that car filled up with gas whenever you do go out. Have some handi-wipes on board to wipe down those gas handles or store buggies before you use them.

Personal Care

Try to get any medications you may be on on a three-month refill so you don’t have to leave the house regularly. Call your physician and explain the situation and they can re-write a prescription to accommodate this need. Consider wearing glasses instead of contacts. Keep those hands and fingers off your face if possible. If your eyes itch, put your finger inside a shirt and wipe your eye with the shirt, not your finger.


Make time to pursue something you enjoy, daily if possible, maybe drawing, painting, scrap booking, writing, reading, doing puzzles, or wood-working. Seriously, sharpen those wooden steak knives!
Spend some time in the garden, plant some herb plants or some flowers. Spending time in the garden is a great way to get some nice, much needed vitamin D while also doing something relaxing to the mind.

Book a time with friends to have a face call online to do something together, like a game online or just a chat while both eating dinner. You could even cook together over the phone! Just because you’re restricted to your home doesn’t mean you can’t socialize! You could enjoy some valuable family time too, by having a dress up night or a board games night.


The bottom line is, try and find some joy in the day. Keep routine if you’re struggling with keeping occupied at home. Learn something new, participate in hobbies, clean the house, sharpen your valued wooden steak knives! Allow yourself joy that you did something positive. Joy that you could be home, accomplish something, be with your family, and have laugh.

Kitchen Essentials 2020

Kitchen Essentials 2020

There are many import kitchen essentials everyone must have! I know my kitchen would be missing a limb if I got rid of my favorite pan, or my gold steak knives. The truth is, every cook knows how important having the right tools for the trade really is. 

Japanese Steak knives

For me, being a steak lover means that you have to choose the best steak knives that you can afford. It’s the best way to serve your steak without butchering it all over again with a dull knife. You may want to consider finding just the right knife set to add up to your collection, this could be a serrated blade steak knife or a straight edge blade steak knife, or the colour of the blade. It will also make you ready for your fine dining experience if you have some guests for dinner. Most people who are into eating meat need their own set of steak knives. This way, it will be easier and less messy when you have to cut through your meat.

It’s not a bad idea to keep these sets around when you might have some house guests over. I know my gold steak knives are a crowd pleaser and I always get compliments on them when people come around. Normally, if you cook dinner for them and steak happens to be the main course, it is not going to be useful to use butter knives. Having the right cutlery set is important especially if you like to cook and eat with friends and family. Not only it will look good on your dining table set up but it can also ensure that you don’t need to battle with your meat at the same time! 

History Of The Steak Knife

Before the steak knife, the butter knife was first invented. However, since it is not sharp enough to use to cut through steak, it’s not an ideal knife to use. The steak knife was invented by Paul C. Culver in 1946, inspired by a letter opener that is sharp enough to cut through almost anything. The first steak knife was originally a gift.

Colored steak knives are becoming more popular, like black or gold, as more steak knives are being used as a cutlery set for fine dining. Aside from just being used for cutting steaks, it is also becoming the favorite display in the kitchen, and can be used in multi-purpose ways. Most cooks and food enthusiasts have a wide collection of knives including some different steak knife sets.

Important Things in Your Kitchen

Many things are important in your kitchen. You may not notice it since it’s all there when you need it. But the absence of it will be noticeable in case one of them is not around. Since you usually spend time in your kitchen to cook and eat at the same time, you should make note that you these below essentials if you’re wondering if you’re missing anything, or just getting your own kitchen for the first time!

Here are some kitchen essentials:
Kitchen Essentials

1. Cooking Utensils

Also known as pots and pans. These are important things to have if you want to cook. Of course, it should include the stove by default since you cannot cook without that. You also need other cooking tools to prepare food such as cutting boards, mixing bowls, spatulas, etc.

2. Cutlery Set

Another kitchen must-have if you want to become civilized when you eat after cooking. It is usually composed of spoons, forks, and butter knives. There are also the steak knives and soup spoon sets to consider as well. You may not notice since you have them how important these are. If you happen to lose your steak knives, you will definitely miss them when eating that juicy steak.

3. Plates and Saucers

Since it’s where you have to eat, this is another kitchen essential. It will mostly end up on your dining table so that you can enjoy your every meal. Different sizes of plates are also recommended for other types of dishes.

4. Cups and Glasses

Without a cup or mug, it’s hard to imagine how can you have your morning coffee. The glasses are also important for your water and other beverages. 

5. Knives

Sharp steak knives

Most households don’t just have one knife. A knife set for cooking is a must. They are different from your regular steak knives, as these are different sizes and blades for the chopping and cutting ingredients to create the perfect meal.


Having my gold steak knives is one of the best collections in my kitchen. You can have gold steak knives, black steak knives or dishwasher safe steak knives. It just depends what you want out of your knife set. Not only are steak knives useful when you are serving steak for dinner. It can also be nice on your cutlery drawer along with your china and other nice kitchen pieces. It will make you feel as if you are always in fine dining, even if you are just using them at home. Not only it is convenient to have a sharp knife, but also it will make you feel relieved if you suddenly have important guests. Steak knives and all other kitchen essentials will help you to always be ready as a host of a great dining experience, even from home.

Why a Good Cook Needs a Steak Knife Set with Block

Why a Good Cook Needs a Steak Knife Set with Block

There’s a significant difference between the average person with a kitchen who just wants to round out their silverware collection with an addition of some knives for various purposes, and the unique enthusiast who considers having steak one of the great pleasures in life. It’s a special kind of person, and if you are one of those people, then you probably want more than a run-of-the-mill, multipurpose set of knives at your disposal when it’s time to cook and eat an exceptional cut of meat. When you have a real steak knife set with block, that means you really care about your steak knives and how well they perform. Not only that, but you believe your set should be stored properly in a block and look beautiful, as well. It means you’re passionate about cooking and eating steak or any other meat, for that matter.

Kitchen Knives vs. Quality Steak Knives

good steak knives

Just because a set of knives come in a block, that doesn’t mean that they’re great knives. Furthermore, just because a set of kitchen knives include a few steak knives with the set doesn’t mean that it’s a true, high-quality steak knife set with block. It can be tough to tell at first what the difference is, but the difference is actually huge, especially for someone who cares a great deal about quality in the knives that they decide to buy. The primary point to remember about the distinction we’re making here is that the typical assortment of kitchen knives, whether they’re expensive or not, is just that–an assortment. Those collections of knives don’t specialize in making the best possible steak knife set with block, but instead, they focus on giving average consumers a basic variety of knives for a few different purposes. The idea here is a fairly universal one.

Whenever you buy an item that’s just one piece of a wide variety of products offered by a company, you’re not getting the best possible quality. When you buy a specific product into which a company is putting all of its focus, you’re getting a specialty product. Like a conglomerate that holds many businesses which make all kinds of products with the bare minimum standard of quality, an assorted package with a bunch of different types of knives is making a few mediocre products at the same time. On the other hand, you can buy a steak knife set with block from a company that offers sets that include only steak knives, which means that 100% of the energy used to manufacture them is concentrated on making steak knives, and not trying to make a bunch of different types of knives.

Don’t Be Fooled By Aesthetics

Are you looking for the perfect steak knife set with block? Well, it’s very easy to be seduced by the beauty of a steak knife and its well-designed packaging, not to mention the clever marketing tactics that cutlery companies utilize to inspire consumers to buy a product that could be inferior to the standard you really need.

Especially as a steak-lover and cooking enthusiast, it’s important that you don’t become so enamored with the presentation of the knives you’re considering buying that you overlook the more important aspects such as edge type, ergonomics, and quality of steel. One of the first and most common mistakes that people make when selecting their steak knife set with block is choosing a set of knives with serrated edges. The layperson will tend to pick a set of knives that have serrated edged steak knives because at first glance, it does seem like a good idea; however, they might not be the right fit for your wants in the kitchen.

Serrated blades don’t actually cut better than straight blades for steak, contrary to popular belief. They do rip into the steak, but don’t leave a nice smooth cut. Serrated blades don’t need to be sharpened often, but when they do, the right tools are required. A decent-quality knife with a straight edge steak knife, when it’s sharp, will cut smoother and cleaner than a serrated edge any day of the week. It’s also easy to forget about the block of your steak knife set with block, which is crucial.

There’s another tactic that companies use to convince you that you’re getting a superior product, and that’s when they design the steel of the knife to have the “raw swirl” appearance that only occurs naturally with painstakingly handmade blades. The real version of those blades are truly handmade with high-grade steel, but cheaper steak knives sometimes mimic the effect artificially to trick you into believing that they are of a higher quality than they actually are.

Expensive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Good

Top chef steak knives

A steak knife set with a block is a harmony of design and utility. As with so many other products and services, you don’t always have to spend the most money to get the most quality. This is counterintuitive to most of us because we tend to automatically think that anything that costs a lot of money must be the best, and though that might be the case many times, there is also something to consider called, “perceived value”. Perceived value is something that sellers can attach to their product by assigning a high price to it.

The basic idea of this is that you can make people think something is worth more just by charging more money for it, the adverse affect being when you charge too little for something and make people think that it is worth less money because of the implication that the seller doesn’t believe it is worth that much. The point is, don’t assume the steak knives you’re thinking about buying are of a high quality just because they’re expensive. You can find a ton of options for a steak knife set with block that are very affordable and just as good, if not better than expensive sets.

Choose the Knives that Feel Best for You

As you might imagine, there is a massive number of varieties of the steak knife set with block on the market that you can choose from. It just depends what suits you best. This might be convenience, and having a dishwasher safe steak knife is the most important factor. If this isn’t, working out how often you can sharpen your knives will determine if you want a serrated or straight edge blade. We’ve done extensive research and reviews as experts for your comfort when buying steak knives and we hope can help your decision!

See below some options for a steak knife set with block.

Supper, Sustenance, and Steak Knives

Supper, Sustenance, and Steak Knives

Imagine, you are comfortably seated in a plush, upholstered chair at your favorite local steakhouse. You took your time perusing the menu, lingering on sauce descriptions. You chatted up the server, Jack, about the specials and what’s particularly good tonight. You are celebrating, so you selected the 12oz cut of Filet Mignon and a slightly pricier bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Jack promised it would be the perfect pairing with its creamy texture and hints of sandalwood and tobacco. 

The steak arrives and smells of warm grass and butter. You fluff the white linen napkin and float it down to your lap. Then, you pick up the knife to make your first glorious cut, but to your horror the blade is dull. You desperately search the table only to find that there are no sharp steak knives anywhere.

In reality, fine dining establishments are well aware of the drama and pleasure that a beautiful set of sharp steak knives bring to the culinary experience. Today, food is not just about sustenance, it’s about history, and identity, and the unique qualities that each plant, animal, and location contribute. So how does one select an appropriate set of knives for home use? 

History and Craft of Steak Knives

Japanese Steak knives

Let’s begin with the provenance of different knife designs. There are many countries in the world that are passionate about beef, but when it comes to knife fabrication, the leading products and designs hail from France, Germany, and Japan. 

France, in particular, is known for a style of sharp steak knives called the Laguiole. This is not a brand but speaks to a specific manufacturing region and design. While it began as a pocket knife, and modern folding models are available, the steak knife version is typified by the balanced feel, a blade that slightly curves to a point, and a handle that also gracefully comes to a blunt point.

However, the vast majority of home sets of sharp steak knives are purchased from Germany and Japan. Germany is known for the heft of its blades, while Japan’s blades tend toward the lighter-weight end of the spectrum and are crafted for precision.

Features to Consider

Like with anything, you should buy what you like, but here are some knife qualities to consider as you narrow down the possibilities.

Blade Material: The blade must be durable and not prone to staining; therefore, sharp steak knives are made from two kinds of steel or ceramic. While some people get excited about high carbon steel, versus stainless, because it’™s used for chef’™s knives, it also requires more upkeep, so that’s worth keeping in mind. 

Blade Style: Do you want a serrated blade steak knife or a clean, straight edge blade steak knive? This will depend on the decisions you make about knife maintenance and also how you like to carve meat.

Aesthetic: Here, think about how a knife feels in the hand, the shape of the handle, the shape of the blade, and the weight and balance between the two. For the handle, do you like a modern, brushed metal look, or do you prefer a more classic cherry wood vibe?

Budget, Upkeep, and Storage

Sharpest steak knives

Naturally, one critical element to consider when making any home purchase is the budget. How much are you willing to spend on a gorgeous set of sharp steak knives? Consider how often you prepare steak at home and for whom. Do you mostly entertain close friends and family in small numbers or large groups? Will you use your knives for formal events such as inviting the boss or colleagues over for an expertly crafted, yet strategic meal where the staging must be as magnificent as the substance? How you plan to use your knives will help you to assess how large a set you will need, and what the storage and upkeep will likely entail. 

For example, only you know whether you are likely to sharpen the knives yourself. Do you own a sharpener? Are you likely to research a local retailer who provides sharpening services? 

Most people will tell you not to put your beautiful, carefully crafted, super sharp steak knives in the dishwasher. But let’s be honest, if you are juggling a career and small children, and you are a culinary enthusiast who routinely prepares steak, game hens, pork roasts, or other types of meat that invite precision cutting, you won’t be able to resist the dishwasher safe steak knives. If this is the case, you may consider investing in two sets of steak knives, one for everyday use, and another for guests. 

Why Black Steak Knives Have Become So Popular

Why Black Steak Knives Have Become So Popular

I’m a carnivore by nature. I deep fry, braise, roast, stew, smoke and grill meats. To be completely honest, I own both a charcoal and a gas grill for different jobs, and there is no meal I enjoy more than a perfect, juicy steak. I like doing the grilling. I love the charred smell of the steaks as they’re resting on the table. The first bite is always amazing, but the most satisfying moment for me is when I make that first slice, so cutlery is naturally important to me. Recently, nonstick black steak knives have been gaining a lot of popularity, and I think they may have won me over as well.

Black Steak Knives

Most customers want their kitchen utensils to look sleek and elegant, so it makes sense that black steak knives have become so trendy of late. They look good sitting in a block style knife holder, but their dark blades pop when attached to a magnetic wall strip or even sitting on a plate. My black steak knives weren’t very expensive, but all of my friends think they’re high-end because simply putting a black blade on a knife gives it a premium look.


They’re not just visually pleasing, though. Almost all black steak knives have a nonstick coating on the blade. Of course, this makes cleaning them much easier, and it also keeps the blade from rusting. They’re usually dishwasher safe steak knives as well. Have you ever washed a new knife only to find a rust spot on it afterward? I have, it’s disappointing, to say the least. What’s even worse is when you don’t notice the rust spot, and then your dinner guest gets the ugly rusty knife on their plate. Now that’s embarrassing.

good steak knives

There are several different handle materials. Most black knives have polymer or carbon fiber handles, which is what a lot of people prefer because they look good, they’re tough and they aren’t cost-prohibitive. Stainless steel handles tend to rust and wooden ones can warp in the dishwasher and pull away from the tang, which if you aren’t familiar is the piece of the blade that extends down into the grip. 

For me, the cutting ability of any knife is the most important thing to consider. Most of the black steak knives you see will have a serrated blade, especially if they have a nonstick coating because constant sharpening can wear away that coating over time. Many people like a straight-edged blade steak knives because they can give a cleaner cut than a serrated blade steak knife, but they require sharpening every few weeks. Because it’s low maintenance the serrated blade seems to be the most popular choice for a steak knife. They keep that cutting edge without requiring much sharpening at all. Also if you’re cutting through anything with a nice thick crust, that straight edge just won’t perform as well as the serrated.

 As you can see they have a lot more going for them than just their aesthetic, and that’s why they’ve gained so much in popularity.

Expert recommend Steak Knives:

If you’re interested in getting some of these for yourself, you don’t want to go out and buy any old black steak knives. You need to make sure the coating on the blade is, in fact, nonstick and durable. You don’t want to get cutlery that’s just been painted black and you don’t want nonstick that will flake off after a few uses. Make sure you’re getting quality. You’ll also want a sturdy knife. The blade shouldn’t be too flexible. The handle should be sizable but not so large that you have trouble gripping it, Overall you want a well-balanced knife that feels good in the hand when using it.

We recommend a set of steak knives by Home Hero.

They check all the boxes of what we’re looking for in a set of black steak knives. They have a premium look and feel. They’re sturdy and completely dishwasher safe. The blades are serrated with a highly durable nonstick coating, and they’re guaranteed not to rust or pit. The handle is ergonomically designed and is made out of a heavy-duty polymer with a special coating that gives it a nice matte finish that feels good in your hand. These are just great overall steak knives and we couldn’t find anything else near their quality at this price point.

Check out other great black steak knives below!

The Best Steak Knifes You Must Have In Your Kitchen

The Best Steak Knifes You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Knives, specifically the best steak knives, are an integral part of kitchen equipment which is used (without exaggeration) by all. Both a high-class chef and a simple house person are interested in quality products so that cooking was not only useful, but also a pleasant experience. Slicing ingredients for soups, salads, main dishes and desserts is an integral part of the culinary process. In order to make it as fast as possible, high-quality and comfortable, it is necessary to use high-quality and sharp knives. 

As a gourmet person who really enjoys the delicious food, I have been in many restaurants of different countries, and can tell that the taste of the dish in many ways depends on the tools that have been used during cooking. And especially the most important tool is the knife. Everyone needs good quality Steak knives in their kitchen. 

Steak Knife Quality

Good cook steak knives

Today, the widest variety of these products is presented on the market: from super-cheap Chinese “no-name” manufacturers to European or Japanese steak knives, brands, where quality is confirmed by centuries-old practice. It is impossible to review all of them at once – neither time nor pages are enough for this, and hardly anyone is interested in reading hundreds of pages of descriptions of the best steak knives. But to highlight the leaders in the market of kitchen knives, whose products are of high quality and have their own advantages – it’s definitely worth your time.

Traditionally, the world leaders in the quality of the best steak knives are produced in Japan, with its centuries-old samurai past and high-tech present, and of course Germany, which also has a long history of weaponry and is distinguished by high quality products. Yes, it’s precisely weapons-grade: the technologies used to produce high-quality steel have been improved for centuries by the masters of the blade, and only relatively recently, combined with modern achievements of science, they joined the civil service of cooks and housewives.

Being interested in high-quality knives, you undoubtedly will enter to the websites of shops for professional chefs. Have you seen how many types are there, and how many different brands? How can you not get confused in the best steak knives choices? 

What kind of knives do chefs consider to be the main ones?

During my researches I finally found out what chefs think.

Professionals distinguish the “cook triplet” – the set of knives that every cook should have in his kitchen:

1.   A chef-knife is the first among the best steak knives. This is main working tool, which is convenient for cutting meat and poultry, and chopping vegetables. An indispensable tool in work, having achieved mastery with which, you will cease to need other knives. They are being chosen exclusively by hand touch – a heavy square knife, so often shown in films, can be heavy for girls. In this case, it is better to choose an analog, for example, a European rounded chef-knife.

2.   Toothed serreitor – a knife for slicing bread, vegetables and fruits. This knife’s length is almost twenty-twenty-six centimeters long and it looks like a saw, but it works very delicately, not crushing soft products.

3.   A small knife six to eight centimeters for peeling vegetables and fruits. Such a set will be enough for both an experienced chef and an ordinary housewife.


Sharp steak knives

Nowadays the range of kitchen knives is quite wide, and the market is full of totally different types of the best steak knives. You can find knives of various measures, prices, brands and etc. But since you haven’t chosen yet, remember that knives are products that are used daily, so you should select them enough carefully so that they are not only have an attractive appearance, but are also comfortable in hand, durable and strong. We have recommended the best steak knives just for you, in three different categories, serrated steak knives, straight edge steak knives and dishwasher safe steak knives, for your convenience!

We hope that the information provided here will be enough for you to find the right steak knives and choose the most optimal product for you and your kitchen.

Having A Quality Steak Knife

Having A Quality Steak Knife

If you are a steak lover, then you know how important it is to have a quality steak knife in your kitchen. If you’re food pallet is new to the finer meats, then this article is certainly for you. Please sit back and enjoy as we discuss the wonderful world that is steak knife cutlery. 

What is a steak knife

Quality steak knives

Let’s initially describe what exactly a steak knife is, they are sharp table knives used for cutting steaks as well as other finer meats. They come with either a serrated or straight blade and most often a wooden handle, they are usually the sharpest knife in the kitchen. The main reason steak knives are so popular is that they are the only blade that is sharp enough to cut the finer meats which include steak, beef and chicken. Any real steak lover will know the importance of a quality steak knife and the difference it can make to a savory meal.


The type of steak knife one uses can make a considerable difference to the quality and taste of the meat. It’s vital that when choosing a steak knife to purchase, the person understands the difference between a serrated and straight blade as this will improve their cutting technique. The straight blade steak knife, as named has a flat blade that is used to achieve a cleaner cut, there are no toothlike edges which can be found on the serrated blade. However, it’s important to mention that the straight blade tends to require a little bit more maintenance and loving attention to maintain the sharp blade. These blades need to be regularly sharpened so it’s important to learn the correct and safe way to sharpen your knives before you make a purchase.

Serrated blades come with toothlike edges that allow a person to tear and rip through tough meat. This knife would be more suitable to a person who likes their steak well done as it will allow them to easily cut through the tough meat. An added advantage to the serrated blade is that it does not require as much maintenance as the straight blade, because of the sharp ridges.

There are also some factors to consider when purchasing a steak knife which include, blade / handle size, balance and material, the combination of these factors can significantly improve the quality of steak knife and of course the meat. You also might consider if you want a dishwasher safe steak knife or not.

Sharp steak knives

Most people don’t think to consider balance as a deciding factor when purchasing a knife. However, it’s important to consider the proportion of the handle to the blade, whether it’s comfortable to pick up and hold and probably most important, whether the blade leaving the handle is straight.


Blade sizes come in either 5 / 7 inches. When choosing which size, a key piece of information to know is that the smaller blade tends to have a better cutting quality. The shorter blade is more flexible and easier to hold, longer blades are more difficult to hold and don’t always produce the cleanest cut. The shorter blade will also be easier and quicker to sharpen as opposed to the longer blade.


The material of the knife can be a defining factor as most people tend to purchase a blade that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Steak knives often come with either a stainless steel handle or a wooden handle. The stainless steel knife will last longer as they are more robust and is of course easier to clean which is why they are a more popular choice of material.

Top quality steak knives


High quality steak knives also have a tight fit that adds to the overall strength and longevity of the knife. I’m sure we’ve all owned a steak knife that we purchased for cheap and found that weeks later the blade was dislodging from the handle. Spending a bit more money when purchasing a steak knife is a solid investment as it will mean a higher quality steak knife as well as a long-lasting knife. We’re experts you can trust!

Whether you’re having a steak at home or in a restaurant, it’s no ordinary meal. You are fine dining and partaking in a favorable dining experience. The last thing you want is for the dining experience to be ruined because of not having the correct utensils and having to fight with your steak to get a decent bite. The bottom line is that a quality steak knife is an extremely important necessity when fine dining.

How to Sharpen Serrated Steak Knives

How to Sharpen Serrated Steak Knives

How to sharpen a serrated steak knife. A question every steak lover will have thought about when buying and looking after their steak knives. Everyone loves a good, sharp knife. No one, however, loves it more than those who work in the kitchen. A chef’s knife or steak knife can mean the difference between a perfect cut of meat and a hacked up hunk that does not even look appetizing.

Sharpening a straight-edge steak knife blade is a pretty straight forward process. Sharpening a serrated knife, however, can be quite the task if the cook is unfamiliar. Thankfully, there is a process to it that anyone can learn!

What You Will Need

To sharpen a serrated blade steak knife, it requires more than a standard knife sharpener like you find in a good knife set. It requires a tool known as a serrated knife sharpener (now isn’t that easy to remember). These sharpeners, rather than being a single thickness all the way through, are usually tapered to help fit better between different sizes of serration.

These sharpeners can also be made of many different materials. Generally, diamond and carbide sharpeners will be the most aggressive and require the fewest passes. However, for a finer sharpening, the best options are usually ceramic. They will take more time to restore a heavily damaged blade, but they will create a razor-like edge if used properly.

How To Sharpen Serrated Steak Knives

1) Find your beveled edge

Generally, serrated knives will have one side that is flatter than the other. You want to find the less flat side. This is called the bevel. It is important to only sharped the beveled edge – otherwise, you could ruin the cutting surface of the knife.

2) Place the sharpener in the gullet

top rated steak knives

A serrated knife looks something like a mountain range or a saw blade, with high and low points. The gullet is the low point. This is where you want to place your sharpener. You want to try to match the sharpener’s angle with the bevel’s angle as best you can. It is usually a more shallow angle than you may be used to sharpening your knives at – these bevels are usually between thirteen and seventeen degrees, rather than twenty degrees that you would see on a straight blade.

3) Match the Gullet’s Diameter

This is where the taper of the serrated knife sharpening tool comes into play! Adjust the location of the sharpener until it fits perfectly between the serrations on the blade (the serrations are the high points on the knife). It is not bad if it is slightly smaller, but you want as little wiggle room as possible in the gullet!

4) Sharpen the Gullet

Using short, back – and – forth motions, move the sharpener through the gullet. This is the motion you want to use to create the finest edge and keep your knives around for a long time!

5) Check for Burrs

When working with metal, usually you want to avoid creating a burr. Sharpening a serrated knife, however, is a different story. Run your hand over the flatter edge of the knife and see if you can feel any metal shavings. Feeling burrs means that you have sufficiently sharpened your blade!

6) Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Repeat the first five steps for every serration. Each time, it is important to check for a burr on the flat edge of the knife to make sure you have made it sufficiently sharp.

7) File Away Those Burrs

Those metal shavings that you filed off come back into play now. You want to remove them with fine-grit sandpaper or a high-grit polishing block. These burrs can catch in food, and no one wants to eat metal shavings!

Closing Thoughts

Top quality steak knives

Sharpening a serrated knife can be a time-consuming task, but in the end, it is well worth it! Having a sharp knife can mean the difference a beautiful and well-prepared meal and a time-consuming and laborious process – or worse, an injury! You can also make the job easier and safer by securing the knife in a vice – this is especially important if you choose to use a “home-brew” type of sharpener like placing emory cloth on a dowel rod.

Below are our recommendations for tools on how to sharpen serrated steak knives.