Why Black Steak Knives Have Become So Popular

I’m a carnivore by nature. I deep fry, braise, roast, stew, smoke and grill meats. To be completely honest, I own both a charcoal and a gas grill for different jobs, and there is no meal I enjoy more than a perfect, juicy steak. I like doing the grilling. I love the charred smell of the steaks as they’re resting on the table. The first bite is always amazing, but the most satisfying moment for me is when I make that first slice, so cutlery is naturally important to me. Recently, nonstick black steak knives have been gaining a lot of popularity, and I think they may have won me over as well.

Black Steak Knives

Most customers want their kitchen utensils to look sleek and elegant, so it makes sense that black steak knives have become so trendy of late. They look good sitting in a block style knife holder, but their dark blades pop when attached to a magnetic wall strip or even sitting on a plate. My black steak knives weren’t very expensive, but all of my friends think they’re high-end because simply putting a black blade on a knife gives it a premium look.


They’re not just visually pleasing, though. Almost all black steak knives have a nonstick coating on the blade. Of course, this makes cleaning them much easier, and it also keeps the blade from rusting. They’re usually dishwasher safe steak knives as well. Have you ever washed a new knife only to find a rust spot on it afterward? I have, it’s disappointing, to say the least. What’s even worse is when you don’t notice the rust spot, and then your dinner guest gets the ugly rusty knife on their plate. Now that’s embarrassing.

good steak knives

There are several different handle materials. Most black knives have polymer or carbon fiber handles, which is what a lot of people prefer because they look good, they’re tough and they aren’t cost-prohibitive. Stainless steel handles tend to rust and wooden ones can warp in the dishwasher and pull away from the tang, which if you aren’t familiar is the piece of the blade that extends down into the grip. 

For me, the cutting ability of any knife is the most important thing to consider. Most of the black steak knives you see will have a serrated blade, especially if they have a nonstick coating because constant sharpening can wear away that coating over time. Many people like a straight-edged blade steak knives because they can give a cleaner cut than a serrated blade steak knife, but they require sharpening every few weeks. Because it’s low maintenance the serrated blade seems to be the most popular choice for a steak knife. They keep that cutting edge without requiring much sharpening at all. Also if you’re cutting through anything with a nice thick crust, that straight edge just won’t perform as well as the serrated.

 As you can see they have a lot more going for them than just their aesthetic, and that’s why they’ve gained so much in popularity.

Expert recommend Steak Knives:

If you’re interested in getting some of these for yourself, you don’t want to go out and buy any old black steak knives. You need to make sure the coating on the blade is, in fact, nonstick and durable. You don’t want to get cutlery that’s just been painted black and you don’t want nonstick that will flake off after a few uses. Make sure you’re getting quality. You’ll also want a sturdy knife. The blade shouldn’t be too flexible. The handle should be sizable but not so large that you have trouble gripping it, Overall you want a well-balanced knife that feels good in the hand when using it.

We recommend a set of steak knives by Home Hero.

They check all the boxes of what we’re looking for in a set of black steak knives. They have a premium look and feel. They’re sturdy and completely dishwasher safe. The blades are serrated with a highly durable nonstick coating, and they’re guaranteed not to rust or pit. The handle is ergonomically designed and is made out of a heavy-duty polymer with a special coating that gives it a nice matte finish that feels good in your hand. These are just great overall steak knives and we couldn’t find anything else near their quality at this price point.

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