Finding The Right Steak Knives For Me

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Finding the right kind of steak knives for you isn’t always easy. Which blade should I use? Serrated steak knives or non-serrated steak knives? Or is being able to wash your knives in the dishwasher more important to you?

Non serrated steak knives require less movement to produce a clean cut of meat, but need frequent sharpening due to the straight edge. Serrated steak knives don’t need much effort when cutting up any steak, but because the blade has ridges (the serrated bit), it can rip and tear the steak, making the juices to spill and hinders your full enjoyment. 

To understand more on the difference between the steak knife blades, see our article written describing them both.

However, all of this aside, your main feature you may want is the convenience of having dishwasher safe steak knives you can put straight in to wash after using them.

We have recommended our favourite products and have made a reviews for each category, depending on what suits you more. We want to help you feel confident with narrowing down the perfect steak knives for you! To see these categories:

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