How To Choose The Right Steak Knives By The Blade Type

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Steak is a staple in American meals and needs good quality steak knives to eat the, properly. Steak can be grilled, roasted, broiled, pan-fried, or sous-vide cooked. The absolute delight of having a slice on your plate brings joy. And the explosion of pleasure and bursting of flavors in your mouth all give complete gastronomic satisfaction.

The appropriate kind of knife is required to enjoy a juicy, perfectly cooked steak. A good steak knife should be able to slice through the steak effortlessly. Being able to make great cuts ensure you get all the flavorful juices of the steak and not just end up on the plate. Without the right knife, you may have a hard time slicing and even get an open cut. Also, having a set of steak knives at home can be one of the ways you can impress your family and friends. Needless to say, steak knives are an essential part of an American home.

Different Types of Steak Knives

There are a lot of brands and manufacturers to choose from when shopping for steak knives. They also come in various handle designs and other fine details. But one of the most important features to look for is the knife blade. There are two kinds of blades among the best steak knives: serrated and non-serrated.

Serrated Steak Knives

The most common choice among steak knives is the ones with serrated blades. This classic style of steak knife has gullets along the cutting edge. These tooth-like edges are specially designed to cut through foods that are soft on the inside but tough on the outside. Serrated knives are ideal for slicing types of bread like crusty loaves, boules, or baguettes as they will not crush the bread’s interior.

Most people consider the serrated blade type as the best steak knives as they do not require as much effort to cut the steak. They are believed to stay sharp longer since the blades never touch the plate. Sharpening often is not required, but it can be a bit challenging. One of its downsides is that its saw-like blades can rip and tear the steak. This means you lose access to enjoying the steak’s juices completely. Also, you may need to move your hand in a sawing motion when using serrated steak knives.

Non-Serrated Steak Knives

The ability of non-serrated steak knives to slice right through meats without tearing the fibers makes them one of the best steak knives in the market.

Their razor-sharp edges allow smoother and cleaner cuts. As a result, the steak’s juices remain intact with every slice. Moreover, there is no need for you to saw back and forth through the steak unlike with the serrated knife.

One disadvantage of having a straight-edge knife is that it requires constant sharpening. Non-serrated steak knives usually come in contact with the plates and surfaces underneath them that causes them to have more wear and tear. However, sharpening non-serrated steak knives is easier since they have straight edges compared to serrated ones with uneven edges.

How to Choose the Best Steak Knives

Steak Knives. Best Steak Knives

There are many factors to consider when shopping for steak knives. One thing to check is the blade sharpness. As discussed above, both serrated and non-serrated knives are worthwhile purchases but it still comes down to your preferences. Another component to check in buying a steak knife is the materials used. You can buy the cheapest set of steak knives but if they are not made of quality materials, then you may end up buying over and over again which is still costly. Knives made from high carbon stainless steel are a good purchase since they last longer.

You should also think about your safety and comfort when choosing steak knives. They should be easy to grip and manage to make your dining experience pleasurable. Knives with ergonomic handles are particularly made for the user’s comfort. The knife’s appearance is also another factor to consider, but this depends on your liking. Some kitchen knives have a rustic design, while others have a modern look. 

Lastly, the best steak knives for your home will greatly depend on your budget. Note that the costly ones are not necessarily better than the cheaper options. You can always find affordable steak knives that similarly deliver exceptional performance like the more expensive ones.

Shop for Steak Knives Wisely

Serrated and non-serrated steak knives have their pros and cons. While both are good purchases, the decision of which one to get still depends on you. Buying steak knives is an investment, so make sure to rely on this article to help you with your selection.

Why To Choose A Non-Serrated Steak Knife For Your Kitchen

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Steak Knives

When it comes to steak knives, you probably wonder which type to choose between a non-serrated steak knife and a serrated steak knife.

There are countless variations on the market, and a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, where even the smallest detail can have a huge impact on the end product. However, one of the most important features you need to pay attention to is the blade.

Serrated or non-serrated, each type of steak knife has its advantages and disadvantages. Today, we’ll be focusing our attention on the pros and cons of a non-serrated steak knife.

If you are in the market for a new set of steak knives, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have the perfect product for you, but we are also going to list several reasons why the non-serrated steak knife is the perfect item for you and your kitchen.

What is a Non-Serrated Steak Knife?

The non-serrated steak knife is also known as a ‘straight edge’ steak knife. This type of knife features a razor-sharp edge resulting in a much cleaner and smoother cut when slicing through a piece of steak.

In comparison to the serrated knives, and the sawing motion you need to perform when cutting a steak, the non-serrated knives are great for making a clean and precise cut with one stroke.


Clean, Smooth Cuts. The sharp edges of a non-serrated steak knife are perfect for cutting steak. The ability to cut through the meat in one straight go will also preserve all the juices in the steak.

Requires Less Effort. With the non-serrated knives, there is no need for the sawing motion back and forth, resulting in less effort when cutting.

Easy to Sharpen. Non-serrated knives can get dull pretty quickly. However, in comparison to serrated steak knives, they are also much easier to sharpen without the need for a professional.


Require Regular Maintenance. This is probably the only disadvantage of the non-serrated knives. Because it is primarily used on ceramic plates, this type of knife gets dull pretty quickly, thus, the need for maintenance is greater. You also need to be careful how you clean and store them. Improper storage can also cause them to lose their sharpness.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Steak Knife

  • Wash Them Properly. If the knives are not dishwasher-friendly, always wash the steak knives with your hands.
  • Wipe Them Before Storing. Some knives are prone to rust. Before you store them, make sure they are dry.
  • Use a Knife Storage. To keep them sharp and in perfect condition, store your knives in proper storage.
  • Keep an Eye. If your knives look dull, sharpen them before the next use.

Cangshan S1 Series 1026030 German Steel Forged 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

Cangshan is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to making high-end cutlery and kitchen equipment. The brand focuses heavily on the material choices, as well as the design, and the user experience of their products. Having said that, one of the best products from their brand is the Cangshan S1 Series 8-Piece Steak Knife Set.

If you are actively searching for a non-serrated steak knife, it can’t get better than this. The S1 series is a combination of minimalism, aesthetics, and practical functionality.


The S1 series is made from a high-alloy German X50CrMoV15 Steel. The steel gives the knives exceptional hardness and durability. Due to the sharp edge, you are able to make precise cuts without any effort. The German steel is also perfect for long-lasting usage.


The design of the S1 series is one of the best things about this set of knives. The white and sleek design can fit perfectly in any kitchen. Moreover, the perfect wooden holder only enhances their beauty. Whether you keep the box open or closed, the eye-catching design of the set will grab everyone’s attention.


The handle is designed for maximum comfort. Thus, the ergonomic handle can be equally firm and secure for all hand sizes. You can hold these knives for a longer period of time without straining your muscles.

Additional Features

  • Set Includes: 8 Non-serrated Steak Knives
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Full Tang
  • Stain Resistance
  • Handcrafted
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified

Overall, the S1 series is a great set of knives and a solid buy for anyone on the market looking for a set of non-serrated knives.


Making a great dinner experience requires many moving parts, but at the center is always a great set of high-quality steak knives. Having the right kind of non-serrated steak knife is so important if you want to be able to truly enjoy a piece of thick and juicy steak.

Of all the non-serrated steak knife sets on the market, the Cangshan S1 series is one of the best ones. It’s convenient, compact, elegant, and very durable.

What is the best style steak knife for you?

top rated steak knives

Grilled or fried, steak is one of America’s most popular meals, and as a steak lover, having the best steak knives are essential when it comes to eating steak. The experience is just not the same if you are using regular knives. Steak lovers are not just interested in a healthy snack or a quick bite before work. A perfectly cooked steak is something more, an absolute delight.

The word steak goes hand in hand with the word knives. You cannot talk about steak without talking about the best steak knives. Imagine sitting down for a lovely dining experience with your better half, ready to give your taste buds a unique flavor, but your knife just won’t give you that satisfaction. The best thing you can do in this situation is to invest in some quality steak knives.

The Best Steak Knives

There are tons of manufacturers and brands you can choose from. The best steak knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, different handle designs, or blade materials. These kinds of details can make or break a steak knife. If you are in the market for a new set of steak knives, you will find that two types of steak knives are most popular, the serrated and non-serrated steak knives. Serrated knives have ridged blades, while the non-serrated or straight knives have smooth and straight blades.

Although there is no perfect choice here, knowing the differences is helpful when choosing the best steak knives.

Both serrated and non-serrated blades come with advantages and disadvantages.

It’s up to you to decide which one suits you the best. To see what we recommend, see the best serrated steak knives here and read more about the best straight edge steak knives here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Serrated knives

Sharp steak knife


The biggest advantage of the serrated blade is the ability to cut the meat effortlessly. Because of the ridged edges, the serrated knives can cut through steak or any other meat pretty easily. Serrated knives can also be used for cutting bread, other kinds of meats as well as fruits and vegetables.

The serrated blade is also more durable. These blades do not go blunt as easily as the non-serrated blades. You can use it longer without the need of sharpening it. This makes the serrated knives one of the best steak knives you can have.


Although an advantage, the teeth-like blade of the serrated knives often tear and rip the meat you are cutting. This causes the juices to spill all over the plate and not in your mouth, which some people view it as a big disadvantage. 

The second disadvantage is that when the time comes to sharpen the serrated blade, it’s much more difficult than sharpening a straight blade. Sharpening a serrated knife often requires professional assistance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Non-Serrated knives


One of the biggest advantages of the non-serrated blades is the ability to make a clean cut with one stroke. As we mentioned before, this will allow the juices to stay in the meat, leaving you with a proper taste in your mouth.

This will also allow you to cut faster. Because there are no ridges on the blade, you won’t need to cut the meat with a saw-like motion. With the smooth and straight edge, cutting the steak is also more elegant, and that comes handy when you are on a date.

A knife with a non-serrated blade definitely belongs to the group of the best steak knives. 


High end steak knives

A non-serrated knife usually requires a lot more physical effort when cutting. Although this blade can cut the meat with one sweeping down motion, if the steak is a little hard, you will have put a lot of effort into it.

Which brings me to the second disadvantage of the non-serrated blade, which is the sharpness. The non-serrated knives become blunt much easier than the serrated blades. Because of this, the need for maintenance is much bigger. Sharpening the knives every time you want a tasty piece of steak can get boring and time-consuming.


Cutting the steak is part of the full dining experience and no ordinary knife can do the job properly. If you cook steak on a regular basis, owning a quality set of steak knives is paramount. If you are a fan of the serrated blade, there’s no need to switch over, or vice versa. Both the serrated and non-serrated knives will get the job done, it comes down to personal preference.

Each type of steak knives has certain advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the best steak knives are the ones that you like using the most.

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The Best Blade For Your Steak Knives

Top chef steak knives

Steak is one of America’s signature meals. A thick slice of premium quality beef, grilled or fried, and seasoned. Steak lovers do not go for it in search of a healthy snack. It is the absolute delight of having that beautiful slice on your plate, and you know it’s yours alone. It is about the explosion of pleasure in your mouth when you take a bite of your perfectly cooked steak.

As a steak lover, like us, you cannot talk about cooking or eating steak without mentioning your knives. You eat your steak using knives because, well, the meat is not small and cannot fit at once into your mouth. Also, you may easily make a mess trying to tear it with your teeth. For this reason, one of the things that you can be sure to find in any real American home is a set of steak knives.

There are a good number of knife manufacturers and brands to choose from, designs of handles and other fine details of class and style. But the most important feature is the knife blade. Among the best steak knives, there are two blade types; the serrated blade steak knives and the non serrated blade steak knives. The non serrated are those that have a smooth, straight blade while the serrated knives are those that have ridged blades.

You must know the differences between these different steak knife blades to make a choice that suits you best. There is no perfect choice here. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. 

Pros and cons of the Non Serrated knives


Quality steak knives

One of the advantages of the non serrated knives is its delivery of a very clean-cut piece of meat, leaving you with a beautiful looking piece of steak that preserves the juices in the flesh. It can do this because of the sharp and smooth edge which slices straight through the meat fibre.

Another advantage of the non serrated knives is that they do not require a lot of movement when cutting meat. Because of the smooth edge, it is easy to cut meat in one sweeping down motion, and saving you time.

Your presentation as well on the dining table looks more impressive when you use a straight edge knife. Most of the pictures you find of steak online are usually done with straight-edge knives to present a clean side of the cut steak. 


One of the cons of the non-serrated knives is the need for a lot of physical effort when cutting, especially if the steak is a little hard. The blade has to slice through the meat and depends on its sharpness and your strength to do so.

Another disadvantage is the fact that the non serrated steak knives are only practical when very sharp. This need for a sharp blade would not be an issue, but for that, they quickly become dull after every use. You will, therefore, need to sharpen the knives after every use. This constant process can be time-consuming and become boring after a while.

The pros and cons of the Serrated knives

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The most significant advantage of the serrated knives is the fact that they do not require as much effort to cut the steak. Serrated blades have ridged edges. This property of these knives enables them to cut through steak and other meats easily. The teeth-like look of the serrated blade catches and rip the flesh as the edge passes through the steak.

Another advantage of the serrated knives is that they do not quickly get blunt, so can be used severally without the need for sharpening; this is because the entire blade does not come in contact with the plate.


A disadvantage even of the best serrated steak knives is that the saw-like blades rip and tear the steak, making the juices to spill and hinders your full enjoyment. 

Another disadvantage is that you need to move your hand in a sawing motion to use the serrated steak knives. After all, with teeth like a saw, you can expect to cut like a saw.


If you choose to go along with the serrated blades, the best serrated steak knives are those who’s manufacturers have put careful consideration not only in the sharpness of the blade but on the quality of the material used for the handle, which as well determines the overall balance of the knives. There is also the dishwasher safe steak knife options to look into and to make sure it’s made of top quality.

In all, each type of steak knife has its pros and cons, so choose to your liking and for your enjoyment.