Why a Good Cook Needs a Steak Knife Set with Block

There’s a significant difference between the average person with a kitchen who just wants to round out their silverware collection with an addition of some knives for various purposes, and the unique enthusiast who considers having steak one of the great pleasures in life. It’s a special kind of person, and if you are one of those people, then you probably want more than a run-of-the-mill, multipurpose set of knives at your disposal when it’s time to cook and eat an exceptional cut of meat. When you have a real steak knife set with block, that means you really care about your steak knives and how well they perform. Not only that, but you believe your set should be stored properly in a block and look beautiful, as well. It means you’re passionate about cooking and eating steak or any other meat, for that matter.

Kitchen Knives vs. Quality Steak Knives

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Just because a set of knives come in a block, that doesn’t mean that they’re great knives. Furthermore, just because a set of kitchen knives include a few steak knives with the set doesn’t mean that it’s a true, high-quality steak knife set with block. It can be tough to tell at first what the difference is, but the difference is actually huge, especially for someone who cares a great deal about quality in the knives that they decide to buy. The primary point to remember about the distinction we’re making here is that the typical assortment of kitchen knives, whether they’re expensive or not, is just that–an assortment. Those collections of knives don’t specialize in making the best possible steak knife set with block, but instead, they focus on giving average consumers a basic variety of knives for a few different purposes. The idea here is a fairly universal one.

Whenever you buy an item that’s just one piece of a wide variety of products offered by a company, you’re not getting the best possible quality. When you buy a specific product into which a company is putting all of its focus, you’re getting a specialty product. Like a conglomerate that holds many businesses which make all kinds of products with the bare minimum standard of quality, an assorted package with a bunch of different types of knives is making a few mediocre products at the same time. On the other hand, you can buy a steak knife set with block from a company that offers sets that include only steak knives, which means that 100% of the energy used to manufacture them is concentrated on making steak knives, and not trying to make a bunch of different types of knives.

Don’t Be Fooled By Aesthetics

Are you looking for the perfect steak knife set with block? Well, it’s very easy to be seduced by the beauty of a steak knife and its well-designed packaging, not to mention the clever marketing tactics that cutlery companies utilize to inspire consumers to buy a product that could be inferior to the standard you really need.

Especially as a steak-lover and cooking enthusiast, it’s important that you don’t become so enamored with the presentation of the knives you’re considering buying that you overlook the more important aspects such as edge type, ergonomics, and quality of steel. One of the first and most common mistakes that people make when selecting their steak knife set with block is choosing a set of knives with serrated edges. The layperson will tend to pick a set of knives that have serrated edged steak knives because at first glance, it does seem like a good idea; however, they might not be the right fit for your wants in the kitchen.

Serrated blades don’t actually cut better than straight blades for steak, contrary to popular belief. They do rip into the steak, but don’t leave a nice smooth cut. Serrated blades don’t need to be sharpened often, but when they do, the right tools are required. A decent-quality knife with a straight edge steak knife, when it’s sharp, will cut smoother and cleaner than a serrated edge any day of the week. It’s also easy to forget about the block of your steak knife set with block, which is crucial.

There’s another tactic that companies use to convince you that you’re getting a superior product, and that’s when they design the steel of the knife to have the “raw swirl” appearance that only occurs naturally with painstakingly handmade blades. The real version of those blades are truly handmade with high-grade steel, but cheaper steak knives sometimes mimic the effect artificially to trick you into believing that they are of a higher quality than they actually are.

Expensive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Good

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A steak knife set with a block is a harmony of design and utility. As with so many other products and services, you don’t always have to spend the most money to get the most quality. This is counterintuitive to most of us because we tend to automatically think that anything that costs a lot of money must be the best, and though that might be the case many times, there is also something to consider called, “perceived value”. Perceived value is something that sellers can attach to their product by assigning a high price to it.

The basic idea of this is that you can make people think something is worth more just by charging more money for it, the adverse affect being when you charge too little for something and make people think that it is worth less money because of the implication that the seller doesn’t believe it is worth that much. The point is, don’t assume the steak knives you’re thinking about buying are of a high quality just because they’re expensive. You can find a ton of options for a steak knife set with block that are very affordable and just as good, if not better than expensive sets.

Choose the Knives that Feel Best for You

As you might imagine, there is a massive number of varieties of the steak knife set with block on the market that you can choose from. It just depends what suits you best. This might be convenience, and having a dishwasher safe steak knife is the most important factor. If this isn’t, working out how often you can sharpen your knives will determine if you want a serrated or straight edge blade. We’ve done extensive research and reviews as experts for your comfort when buying steak knives and we hope can help your decision!

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