Having A Quality Steak Knife

If you are a steak lover, then you know how important it is to have a quality steak knife in your kitchen. If you’re food pallet is new to the finer meats, then this article is certainly for you. Please sit back and enjoy as we discuss the wonderful world that is steak knife cutlery. 

What is a steak knife

Quality steak knives

Let’s initially describe what exactly a steak knife is, they are sharp table knives used for cutting steaks as well as other finer meats. They come with either a serrated or straight blade and most often a wooden handle, they are usually the sharpest knife in the kitchen. The main reason steak knives are so popular is that they are the only blade that is sharp enough to cut the finer meats which include steak, beef and chicken. Any real steak lover will know the importance of a quality steak knife and the difference it can make to a savory meal.


The type of steak knife one uses can make a considerable difference to the quality and taste of the meat. It’s vital that when choosing a steak knife to purchase, the person understands the difference between a serrated and straight blade as this will improve their cutting technique. The straight blade steak knife, as named has a flat blade that is used to achieve a cleaner cut, there are no toothlike edges which can be found on the serrated blade. However, it’s important to mention that the straight blade tends to require a little bit more maintenance and loving attention to maintain the sharp blade. These blades need to be regularly sharpened so it’s important to learn the correct and safe way to sharpen your knives before you make a purchase.

Serrated blades come with toothlike edges that allow a person to tear and rip through tough meat. This knife would be more suitable to a person who likes their steak well done as it will allow them to easily cut through the tough meat. An added advantage to the serrated blade is that it does not require as much maintenance as the straight blade, because of the sharp ridges.

There are also some factors to consider when purchasing a steak knife which include, blade / handle size, balance and material, the combination of these factors can significantly improve the quality of steak knife and of course the meat. You also might consider if you want a dishwasher safe steak knife or not.

Sharp steak knives

Most people don’t think to consider balance as a deciding factor when purchasing a knife. However, it’s important to consider the proportion of the handle to the blade, whether it’s comfortable to pick up and hold and probably most important, whether the blade leaving the handle is straight.


Blade sizes come in either 5 / 7 inches. When choosing which size, a key piece of information to know is that the smaller blade tends to have a better cutting quality. The shorter blade is more flexible and easier to hold, longer blades are more difficult to hold and don’t always produce the cleanest cut. The shorter blade will also be easier and quicker to sharpen as opposed to the longer blade.


The material of the knife can be a defining factor as most people tend to purchase a blade that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Steak knives often come with either a stainless steel handle or a wooden handle. The stainless steel knife will last longer as they are more robust and is of course easier to clean which is why they are a more popular choice of material.

Top quality steak knives


High quality steak knives also have a tight fit that adds to the overall strength and longevity of the knife. I’m sure we’ve all owned a steak knife that we purchased for cheap and found that weeks later the blade was dislodging from the handle. Spending a bit more money when purchasing a steak knife is a solid investment as it will mean a higher quality steak knife as well as a long-lasting knife. We’re experts you can trust!

Whether you’re having a steak at home or in a restaurant, it’s no ordinary meal. You are fine dining and partaking in a favorable dining experience. The last thing you want is for the dining experience to be ruined because of not having the correct utensils and having to fight with your steak to get a decent bite. The bottom line is that a quality steak knife is an extremely important necessity when fine dining.