Kitchen Essentials 2020

There are many import kitchen essentials everyone must have! I know my kitchen would be missing a limb if I got rid of my favorite pan, or my gold steak knives. The truth is, every cook knows how important having the right tools for the trade really is. 

Japanese Steak knives

For me, being a steak lover means that you have to choose the best steak knives that you can afford. It’s the best way to serve your steak without butchering it all over again with a dull knife. You may want to consider finding just the right knife set to add up to your collection, this could be a serrated blade steak knife or a straight edge blade steak knife, or the colour of the blade. It will also make you ready for your fine dining experience if you have some guests for dinner. Most people who are into eating meat need their own set of steak knives. This way, it will be easier and less messy when you have to cut through your meat.

It’s not a bad idea to keep these sets around when you might have some house guests over. I know my gold steak knives are a crowd pleaser and I always get compliments on them when people come around. Normally, if you cook dinner for them and steak happens to be the main course, it is not going to be useful to use butter knives. Having the right cutlery set is important especially if you like to cook and eat with friends and family. Not only it will look good on your dining table set up but it can also ensure that you don’t need to battle with your meat at the same time! 

History Of The Steak Knife

Before the steak knife, the butter knife was first invented. However, since it is not sharp enough to use to cut through steak, it’s not an ideal knife to use. The steak knife was invented by Paul C. Culver in 1946, inspired by a letter opener that is sharp enough to cut through almost anything. The first steak knife was originally a gift.

Colored steak knives are becoming more popular, like black or gold, as more steak knives are being used as a cutlery set for fine dining. Aside from just being used for cutting steaks, it is also becoming the favorite display in the kitchen, and can be used in multi-purpose ways. Most cooks and food enthusiasts have a wide collection of knives including some different steak knife sets.

Important Things in Your Kitchen

Many things are important in your kitchen. You may not notice it since it’s all there when you need it. But the absence of it will be noticeable in case one of them is not around. Since you usually spend time in your kitchen to cook and eat at the same time, you should make note that you these below essentials if you’re wondering if you’re missing anything, or just getting your own kitchen for the first time!

Here are some kitchen essentials:
Kitchen Essentials

1. Cooking Utensils

Also known as pots and pans. These are important things to have if you want to cook. Of course, it should include the stove by default since you cannot cook without that. You also need other cooking tools to prepare food such as cutting boards, mixing bowls, spatulas, etc.

2. Cutlery Set

Another kitchen must-have if you want to become civilized when you eat after cooking. It is usually composed of spoons, forks, and butter knives. There are also the steak knives and soup spoon sets to consider as well. You may not notice since you have them how important these are. If you happen to lose your steak knives, you will definitely miss them when eating that juicy steak.

3. Plates and Saucers

Since it’s where you have to eat, this is another kitchen essential. It will mostly end up on your dining table so that you can enjoy your every meal. Different sizes of plates are also recommended for other types of dishes.

4. Cups and Glasses

Without a cup or mug, it’s hard to imagine how can you have your morning coffee. The glasses are also important for your water and other beverages. 

5. Knives

Sharp steak knives

Most households don’t just have one knife. A knife set for cooking is a must. They are different from your regular steak knives, as these are different sizes and blades for the chopping and cutting ingredients to create the perfect meal.


Having my gold steak knives is one of the best collections in my kitchen. You can have gold steak knives, black steak knives or dishwasher safe steak knives. It just depends what you want out of your knife set. Not only are steak knives useful when you are serving steak for dinner. It can also be nice on your cutlery drawer along with your china and other nice kitchen pieces. It will make you feel as if you are always in fine dining, even if you are just using them at home. Not only it is convenient to have a sharp knife, but also it will make you feel relieved if you suddenly have important guests. Steak knives and all other kitchen essentials will help you to always be ready as a host of a great dining experience, even from home.