Things to do while stuck at home!

Self-quarantine is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are an at-risk individual for being exposed to COVID-19, or even just to protech those who are vulnerable around you. However, you, along with the rest of the nation may be a bit tired of it right now. Maybe we need a perspective check on being at home and what we can do with our day. I mean, it wasn’t so long ago we just dreamed about being able to stay home from work to do things like sharpen our wooden steak knives, right?

Don’t let yourself be down

Don’t let the down mood set in on you at this time. It wouldn’t be unusual for it to creep in when being house-bound for so long. Watching too much television and spending too much time working on computers have both been associated feel lazy and down. 

Develop a Routine

Instead, develop a routine. Consider doing certain chores on specific days of the week. Fit time in your schedule two to three times a week to participate in some YouTube exercise or yoga classes. No internet? Walk around the block. Strive for 30 minutes of exercise a day. Keep the routine of the day intact; don’t sacrifice the day for any one part. Play your favorite music throughout the day if it helps keep your mood upbeat.


Take time out to clean up your work space, be it an office or a work shop. Use a simple 1% bleach solution to 99% water as a disinfectant. Also wipe down some great germ collecting sources such as: door knobs, toilet and sink handles, telephones and cell phones, car keys and the steering wheel in your car. The disinfectant is also great for clothes, linens, and washing down the kitchen cabinets, etc.


Wooden Steak Knives

Be sure to wash those vegetables before you chop them up with your knives. Try making your own vegetable wash with one cup vinegar, four cups water, and one tablespoon lemon juice. Mix ingredients together. Fill sprayer bottle with mix and use when needed. The vinegar in the mix kills bacteria and viruses as it is 5% acetic.

And don’t forget there’s the refrigerator that can be cleaned. A vinegar or bleach solution works fine to clean the refrigerator. While in the kitchen there’s also sharpening your steak knives! (and maybe make some steaks after for a job well done and to… test… the knives out!)


Save some time for special projects, like cleaning out those closets and donating those clothes to a worthy source if you haven’t worn it in over a year.


Best Steak Knives

If you have to get out, do it when contact with others will be at a minimum, early in the morning or late in the evening. When you are out, make your excursion count. Buy as much as you can to allow you to stay home longer. Remember to keep that car filled up with gas whenever you do go out. Have some handi-wipes on board to wipe down those gas handles or store buggies before you use them.

Personal Care

Try to get any medications you may be on on a three-month refill so you don’t have to leave the house regularly. Call your physician and explain the situation and they can re-write a prescription to accommodate this need. Consider wearing glasses instead of contacts. Keep those hands and fingers off your face if possible. If your eyes itch, put your finger inside a shirt and wipe your eye with the shirt, not your finger.


Make time to pursue something you enjoy, daily if possible, maybe drawing, painting, scrap booking, writing, reading, doing puzzles, or wood-working. Seriously, sharpen those wooden steak knives!
Spend some time in the garden, plant some herb plants or some flowers. Spending time in the garden is a great way to get some nice, much needed vitamin D while also doing something relaxing to the mind.

Book a time with friends to have a face call online to do something together, like a game online or just a chat while both eating dinner. You could even cook together over the phone! Just because you’re restricted to your home doesn’t mean you can’t socialize! You could enjoy some valuable family time too, by having a dress up night or a board games night.


The bottom line is, try and find some joy in the day. Keep routine if you’re struggling with keeping occupied at home. Learn something new, participate in hobbies, clean the house, sharpen your valued wooden steak knives! Allow yourself joy that you did something positive. Joy that you could be home, accomplish something, be with your family, and have laugh.